Gippsland Garden Design

Personalised urban and rural garden design in Central, South & West Gippsland and south-east Melbourne by Imelda Dover

What I Do

I work with homeowners to create personalised designs for courtyards, urban and rural gardens, for your new garden or existing garden revamp.

My garden designs are uniquely conceived for your locale to grow healthily and work practically; a garden to be lived in and that will nurture you as
you nurture it.

I bring awareness of the changing climate which will open up both opportunities and challenges for plant selection. As well as looking beautiful, your garden can increase liveability as it enhances both your indoor and outdoor living environments.

My designs take into account your lifestyle and garden-care requirements as well as each location's unique conditions. Together we will create a garden that will reap rewards from your investment and bring you pleasure now and well into the future.


The Process

How Gippsland Garden Design will work with you to design a garden that works for you and your lifestyle


Initial 20 minute phone or video talk to establish what you are seeking and if we are a good match to create your garden together.


I will come to you to discuss your general garden plans or issues. You receive a written report of my recommendations.


Documented planting plan with a written overview and detailed list of recommended plants and their features, recommended soil or site preparation and ongoing care, and why these have been selected for your garden. You will receive an Imelda Dover original watercolour plan of the planting layout. Services such as council enquiries and other tailored recommendations can be provided.


Case Study - Bentleigh

Front yard for a one-bedroom unit
What to do with a garden that has been left lifeless and compacted from being covered with that awful plastic ‘turf’ and grows in a bare 30cm soil depth above the basement car park, with tenants an unknown quantity when it comes to gardening love or nous to look after it?

Well, look at the good side! A sensationally sized courtyard/garden about 7m x 7m with east and northerly aspect. Some very hardy plants established around the edges - and some TOO hardy! More about these later…

Even two privets (I know) grow in the neighbours' property - so beyond the control of this garden - making the best of it? In this situation, it does provide pleasant green shade in one of the ‘living’ areas.

For an ongoing rental, I created an outdoor living area that made the most of the glorious northerly aspect from the side for sunshine, provided a path to the exclusive side gate, and a shaded area for hot days. Add a pleasant outlook from the inside and all is done to a reasonable budget.

About Imelda Dover

My passion for gardens and the way they can transform our lives and communities started at an early age. Initial studies at Burnley Horticultural College were overtaken for a while by my career as an artist. At the same time, I continued my growth in horticulture creating rural, suburban and courtyard gardens, and planting designs for the clients of High Street Nursery, Armadale.

I conceived the installation Swan Folly Revival at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I have exhibited at significant contemporary art spaces, my art is represented in a state collection, and I designed and managed exhibitions including for the Immigration Museum, Museum Victoria.

Now, these passions come together as I design your garden and present you with a watercolour painted garden plan for you to keep.

I creatively adapt existing elements and relish the challenge to meet your needs within the scope of your space and the resources you wish to invest to install and then maintain the growth and development of your garden over time.

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Gippsland Garden Design can come to you in Central Gippsland (Latrobe Valley to Sale), South Gippsland and West Gippsland, as well as south-east Melbourne.
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